Monday, 3 March 2014

Presentation Assignemt

We got split up in to groups of 3 my group consists of Danny Connor and Jonathan Dixon, we have to create a successful presentation on successful groups and teams. In the process of this we have had a lesson with Matt on how to deliver a professional presentation and how we will get good marks. We have now started our assignment and have to present it on the 14th march.


Assignment Finished
Our group had a 2000 word assignment on successful teams and groups. I found the assignment quite difficult as this is my weakness. I did some research on Belbin and The Hawthorne experiment and explained how they was involved in successful teams and groups.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Research Methods

In this lesson we worked in a group of 4 to find all the research methods we could find. We then merged together to put all of our ideas to 1. There was 2 seprate groups and as you can see above from the picture we all wrote our ideas down on paper. We then went over all of our ideas and explained what each of them was and how they was research methods. I enjoyed this lesson and i learnt lots of diffrent reseach methods.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hawthorne Experiment

Hawthorne Experiment
In this lesson we got split up into groups of 3 and we had to find out the outcomes of the Hawthorne experiments. We made a small presentation on paper and are going to present it in our next lesson. I found learning about this subject was quite interesting because of the outcomes in the end.

Interview Feedback

Interview Feedback Video Here
After having my Interview as part of my assignment i was asked to create a video on how the Interview went. On the video i basically just talk about the things that went well in my interview and the things that wasn't to good. I explained how maybe next time i can improve these bad points and how i can make my interview skills much better.

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Interview

My interview took place on the 11th of November, for the job Help Desk Support i was one of the 1st students to do my interview. I was very nervous before the interview but i would say i acted very professional. My interview took place with Paul Hatton as the interviewer and Matt Cashmore as the Assessor. Overall i would say my interview went really well and i was very confident, as so did the interviewer say so. I was asked a set of 11 questions what i found where very easy and simple to answer, at the end of the interview i asked 3 questions about this business this shows that i am interested and confident in asking them questions.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Belbin Questionaire

The belbin questionaire was a very simple peice of work what would overall evaluate what type of person you are and how you best and least like to work.
After filling in the questionaire we anlysed the results and got our answers to what we was.

Reflecting on the results I scored my highest in Team Worker (TW) with a score of 16. I would strongly agree with this as I know myself that I work great in groups and love communicating with the group members.
My second to highest was Resource Investigatior I scored an amount of 13 on this section. I strongly agree with this score as when I start to work in groups I get excited and give the group a boost to get excited to start the task, I would also agree on happily stealing from other companies or people if I hear a good idea from somewhere elce I would add it on to my work.
My lowest score was Co-Coordinator (CO) I scored 0 on this section which is strange as I thought I would have scored at least something as I feel that when working in groups I often like to speak up and take lead.
My second to lowest score was Monitor Evaluator (ME) with a score of 2. I am not surprised that I scored 2 on this section as, this section he or she would take everything into account, and by moving slowly and analytically, this is not me what so ever I work completely different to this as I work fast and do not take everything into account.
I would have thought myself that my strongest point should have been Shaper (SH) even though I did score 10 on this section I would have guessed that this would have been my highest scorer as I know that I am very outgoing, dominant and a task leader.
Overall the results are very much like me and I would agree mostly.